Vandal leaves footprints in new playground cement in Cashel 

Much awaited opening can take place in the next two to three weeks, says Cashel Playground Development chairperson Darren Ryan

Eoin Kelleher


Eoin Kelleher


Vandal leaves footprints in new playground cement in Cashel 

An intruder left footprints in setting cement, meaning the opening of the new playground will have to be postponed

The Cashel playground development in Upper Friar Street suffered a setback in the last week as some freshly poured cement was ruined by an intruder who left footprints in the cement.

On Wednesday, the committee stated: “unfortunately some mindless/ignorant individuals decided to break onto the site last night and ruin the wet pour that had been laid yesterday.

“Kompan were on target to have the playground completed this week but this will now push back all the timelines for us opening the new playground for the children of Cashel.

“If anyone knows or sees anything can they please call the Gardai on 06275840.”

Chairperson of the playground committee Darren Ryan said the playground, which is nearing completion, is looking “really really well” and will open soon, despite the incident.

“The contractor is hoping to be going off site in the next couple of days, and the much awaited opening can take place, we hope, in the next two to three weeks,” said Mr Ryan.

“We still have some work to do to the exterior of the actual playground itself, installing some paving and doing some landscaping, but we’re really really hoping that the work can be done, and allow the young people of Cashel and surrounding areas to have the safe, modern, and inclusive play facility that they deserve, and that you the people of Cashel have very generously supported.

“On behalf of the committee, I say thank you for the massive support we have received following our facebook post about the damage that was done here. People have been coming up here and supporting us on the site, sending us private messages, and offering help anyway they can.

“We really, really appreciate it. After all, this is a community and voluntary effort, and we are a group of volunteers just working to try and bring this facility to the town,” added Mr Ryan.

Meanwhile, thanks to Centenary Home & Garden in Cashel who have come onboard as a bronze sponsor for the new playground.