Loreto school students in Tipperary receive LIFT from TY programme

Saoirse Treacy from Loreto Clonmel explains the programme


Transition Year students from Loreto Clonmel who took part in the Leading Ireland's Future Together (LIFT) programme

Loreto Clonmel Transition Year student Saoirse Treacy explains the exciting leadership programme, Leading Ireland’s Future Together (LIFT) in which the school’s TY students recently participated:

“The LIFT initiative aims to improve society by developing the leadership potential in all students across a range of areas, from the family home to school activities and areas of sports and business. 

“A roundtable approach is central to the process, where discussions, usually for about 45 minutes, take place across a range of themes. The use of this discussion-type format allows every participant to have a voice, and to have their voices heard. 

“The themes explored allow us to see the benefits of a range of skills and to identify the characteristics of these essential skills. We examine the ways in which we can foster and develop these important skills.  

“Initially we examined listening skills and recognised the shared need to understand and to be understood.  

“The programme also draws a focus to positive attitudes, mutual respect and also includes an essential focus on resilience.  

“It explores both empathy and understanding, along with the key components of innovative and adaptive skills. The skills of honesty and integrity are also dveloped.

Above: Transition Year students from Loreto Clonmel who took part in the Leading Ireland's Future Together (LIFT) programme

“The students agree that the implementation of LIFT in Loreto is central to the overall TY programme. This school year has been a very different year for most of us. 

“There is less opportunity to practise and develop skills through work experience, but LIFT will equip us to be ready to become active leaders in society once it returns to normal. 

“Self-evaluation and reflection are elements within LIFT. Each of us is encouraged to not only reflect on the leadership themes but to evaluate our own skillset, to rate our own performances as leaders in each area and to document actions to be taken in the immediate future to improve our skills across each theme. 

“The programme encourages us to identify others who show high levels of leadership skills and to document the specific attributes that we admire in these leaders.” 

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