Give Templemore Park A Worthy Title

Dear Editor

Dear Editor

Please allow me to compliment Ronan Dodd on his recent article ‘Things, Like A Walk In The Park.’ The sentiments were sincere and the imagery was spectacular. The parkland at Templemore is indeed an invaluable asset that has yet to reach its full potential. Situated under the panoramic edifice of the Devil’s Bit, the woods, lake and waterways are equal in splendour to many native amenities.

However, Templemore must surely be the only town in Ireland that has never given its Park a title worthy of the magnificent facility that it is. ‘Town Park’ as a name is generic and reminiscent of the fictitious towns of our boyhood comics. Terms such as Town Park, Town Hall, Town Jail, Town Dump etc. are meaningless in relation to a unique facility. Wouldn’t it be progressive to confer the entire parkland with a new identity? A worthy new title would help reinvent the valued recreational area as a ‘must visit’ destination. Implement the small, important tasks properly and larger projects will surely ensue.

By extension the wonderful man-made lake is known as the ‘Town Park Lake.’ Doesn’t the lake as an amenity of great popularity deserve to have a name in its own right? The three islands also deserve to have separate and fitting names. Why not name the main pathways, trails and tracks with appellations commensurate with their own distinctiveness? Also colour code each walkway to enable users to orientate their location more easily. Fix discreet plaques indicating in metres, the length of each measured stretch. Name each bridge to allow individual appreciation, especially the principle links throughout the parkland. None of the above would require expensive construction costs but would raise the status and prestige of the Park as a tourist terminus.

Perhaps the Park Committee will don the mantle of leadership and deliver the 200 year old parkland into the 21’t century. A modicum of vision coupled with a little bit of local effort, could transform the image and purpose of Templemore Town Park almost immediately. Simple, cost effective methods of improvement could help emulate the high standard of parklands with similar characteristics. As in every community, the power to `let things happen’ or to ‘make things happen’ lies within the ability and goodwill of people who care ... best of luck.

Bill Cooke