Tipperary Traffic - Boherclough Street ‘is like Mondello race track’

Cashel traffic compared to a race track

Tipperary Traffic - Boherclough Street ‘is like Mondello race track’

Concerns about 'trecherous' speeding in Cashel has prompted one local councilllor to compare traffic there to a race track.

Cllr Martin Browne drew attention to the speeding on Boherclough street in Cashel, at the recent meeting of Cashel Tipperary Municipal District Committee.

“The footpath is very narrow” and people have parked their vehicles up on the footpaths. Would it be possible to install bollards there to keep that area free, he asked. “The ramp at Aldi is now so small that it’s not a deterrent.” There is a lot of heavy traffic coming down there that should not be coming down there. “Can we install something there?” inquired Cllr Browne.

Senior Engineer Aidan Finn said the new planned road layout at Lower Gate would help slow down traffic coming from Boherclough, as traffic coming into Lower Gate will have to yield “as they are coming down.”

Cllr Tom Wood said Boherclough “is a race track.” He regularly walks the area, and the pedestrian crossing there is “probably the most dangerous place to cross. You really have to stand there. It’s like Mondello Park. It’s treacherous. You would be swept off your feet. People don’t seem to see the pedestrian lights. It’s highly dangerous.”

Due to the illegal parking on footpaths, pedestrians, and parents with buggies, are forced out onto the road. Since the removal of the ramp at Aldi, “Boherclough is now more dangerous than it ever was. Something has to be done.”

Mr Finn suggested waiting until the Lower Gate works are installed, and then re-locating the existing pedestrian crossing to the Aldi entrance. “That won’t happen this year,” said Cllr Wood.

Cllr Roger Kennedy said the fact that there is no pedestrian crossing at Aldi is “a major problem”. Moving the crossing to Aldi “might be the solution.” He had experienced a build-up of traffic behind him while driving there at the correct speed.