Roscrea councillor welcomes anti-dumping initiative





Independent Roscrea candidate Shane Lee confirms Easter egg hunt for Roscrea

Shane Lee

Councillor Shane Lee has welcomed €20,000 for the clean up of areas in Kennedy Park.

“This is something that I've worked very hard on since elected and prior to becoming a councillor. This is great news for residents that are affected by illegal dumping in the area and hopefully will enhance the area once again. I've called on CCTV to be installed in areas in our district that are prone to illegal dumping as there needs to be a stop put to this once and for all. This is tax payers money that could be used for better purposes than cleaning up after culprits that break the law each time they carry out these unacceptable actions,” said Cllr Lee.

“We have a fantastic civic amenity in the town of Roscrea and I urge people to use this. For one bag of recycling it only costs €1, where would you get a service like this on your doorstep."

He continued: “There is other effects that come into consideration like pollution and huge damage to our environment.”

“We see our kids educated in our schools around green flags etc which is great and this is happening for some time now so you would be hoping that they would not be witnessing this for a family member.”

"I've also called on our council that if these culprits when found out are Local Authority Tenants that there is serious consequences for such behaviour," he said.