We need to go back rest the bodies and get ready to go again - Sheedy

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


Liam Sheedy

Liam Sheedy - emphasis will be on recovery this week.

"There could well be changes on Sunday and changes to the overall panel because it is very competitive in the panel" -Sheedy.

Tipperary manager Liam Sheedy was in very up-beat form after the final whistle sounded on Sunday. After he had greeted and congratulated his players on the pitch he told members of the media that the days after the game would be all about recovery and rest ahead of the match against Waterford at Semple Stadium on Sunday next.

The recovery process commenced immediately with the players stretching on the firm sod of Páirc Uí Chaoimh and there is great solace in knowing that working on mental recovery is not an issue this time round - last year the players recovery was of the twin track variety after all of the games and this made for a difficult period for everyone.

Naturally, the Portroe man was delighted with the victory over Cork and the performance, but he also pointed to areas where improvement is needed.
“Unless you get a performance down here you will not win. I thought we started very well and gave ourselves a good cushion, but our discipline in the first half cost us dearly because we gave them eight points from placed balls and that was a bit of a downer,” Liam Sheedy said.

“Pyschologically, to go in a point up was an advantage. We had a small bit of a wind on our backs in the second half and that was a help too. We got a great start to the second half with a few points and John McGrath's goal was a piece of magic in the way the ball was worked up to him and sent across. It was very hard for Cork to come back from that, but they didn't go away. You just always feel with Cork that they are capable of cracking in a goal or two and they got a nice one,” he said.

Tipperary used possession very well and some of the scores taken were from the top drawer - the training set-up has focused on crossfield play, running off the ball and movement. It paid dividends at times on Sunday and more returns will be expected as the season progresses.
“We got 2-23 from play and it's a good day at the office and there is a lot to lilke about our display,” Liam Sheedy told the Tipperary Star.
“We just have to roll back again and get ready for next Sunday which is Waterford at Semple Stadium and another massive match for us.

“Two points won't get you anything in the championship and the margins are really tight. It is a phenomenal championship and whatever three teams come out on top in Munster will have earned it. One performance won't get you out - today is a good performance, but that's all it is. We need to go back, rest our bodies and get ready to go again. There could well be changes on Sunday and changes to the overall panel because it is very competitive in the panel,” he said.

The injury to Niall O'Meara is a cause for concern and Sunday might just come too early for him. However, the storming return to the championship of Brendan Maher was very positive and Liam namechecked him and Ronan Maher as being two of the powerhouses in the second half as they cleared their lines time and again and set up chances for the Tipp attack.
But the main concern for the manager would be the frees given away. Granted some of them were very harsh, but they were awarded nonetheless and had to be dealt with - Tipp got some soft ones as well, particularly in the closing stages as the two horses approached the finishing line.

Liam also felt that the blow to Cork of the loss of midfielder Bill Cooper just before throw-in was significant. The Youghal player had participated in the warm-up, but was escorted off the field before the national anthem took place with Robbie O'Flynn coming in instead. Flynn is a fine player, but the loss of Cooper, even just psychologically, was huge for Cork.
“Bill Cooper was a big loss, there is no doubt about that. He is the powerhouse of the team at midfield and really brings a lot to it. It was very unfortunate for him, but it didn't really affect our approach to it at all. We all want to see the best players playing so it was unfortunate that he didn't get to play,” Liam Sheedy said.