Why can we have horse racing but not greyhound racing wonders Alan Kelly

Noel Dundon


Noel Dundon


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Greyhound racing cannot take place yet but horse racing can.

Labour Party Leader speaks out

Deputy Alan Kelly had welcomed the announcement that horse racing meetings will resume on June 8 but believes the decision not to resume greyhound racing meetings on the same date makes no sense.

The Tipperary based Labour Party Leader said: "The plans to allow horse racing meetings resume behind closed doors from June 8th while not allowing greyhound racing meetings to go ahead from that date in similar circumstances is just baffling and the government needs to explain it.

Deputy Alan Kelly

" Greyhound racing successfully complied with all Covid 19 protocols when it was operated on a closed-door basis during March this year. It is very difficult to understand why greyhound racing isn't being assessed as being capable of operating behind closed doors given that the industry has done more work in their stadiums to meet the necessary protocol. Greyhound Racing is one of the safest sports as it is based on one man one dog so therefore social distancing can very easily be maintained."