Our Lady's Templemore - 'Merci beaucoup' say St. Joseph NS pupils






Our Lady's Templemore

TY students from Our Lady’s Templemore

For the past six weeks, TY students from Our Lady’s Templemore have gone to St Joseph’s NS to introduce the 5th and 6th class students to France, its language and culture.

Each week different topics such as basic French greetings, French cuisine, Halloween, Christmas were introduced.

A big thank you to all the students that helped in the preparation of each visit to the school.

Those students were Aoife Bohan, Lorna Hayes, Cathal Kellegher, Donnacadh Cantwell, Lorna O’Shea, Kyah Scully, Jakub Staniewski, Kieran McElligott and Ali Aissosu.