Tipperary Town Rás Road rage

Road resurfaced 'for the cameras'

Eamon Lacey


Eamon Lacey

Tipperary Town Cllr Denis Leahy on Davitt Street

Tipperary Town Cllr Denis Leahy on Davitt Street

The upgrading of a “third world” road days before the arrival of an international cycling race into Tipperary town has infuriated locals whose pleas to repair the road have fallen on deaf ears for years.

The arrival of the Ras Tailteann into Tipperary Town was embroiled in controversy amid claims that new surface dressing works on the approach to Main Street was put down “for the cameras”.

“We have been pleading for a proper road surface for years and have been ignored.What about the people of the town and the drivers who have to drive through the town every day on one of the worst roads in the country” said Cllr. Denis Leahy.

Cllr.Leahy branded the surface dressing works carried out at Davitt Street as “an insult to the people of Tipperary who have been snubbed for years”.

Cllr.Leahy said the Ras Tailteann, which had a stage finish in Tipperary town on Monday, an overnight stay and a stage start on Tuesday, was a welcome boost to the economy but he attacked Transport Infrastructure Ireland for carrying what he called “cosmetic work for the cameras which will have to be pulled up again”

Cllr Leahy said the surface dressing was put down on the approach into town for “a five minute event” while the cyclists were coming into town whereas locals and people using the N24 that runs through the heart of Tipperary town had to tolerate the horrendous condition of the road for years.

“The N24 is in an absolutely scandalous condition.The town is crying out for a by pass for years, it is becoming more and more dangerous every day with the huge volume of traffic and the condition of the main road through the town has just caved in under the pressure” said Cllr.Leahy.

The new surface dressing was put down in Davitt Street last week but according to Cllr.Leahy it will have to be pulled up again.

“This was just a temporary job for the cameras.The new surface was put down from the Dunnes Stores roundabout to near Churchwell. It was put down without the road actually being repaired, now the new surface dressing will have to come up to allow that section of the road and the road from there to the cemetery to be repaired properly by Transport Infrastructure Ireland, which they have sanctioned the funding for, before it can be surface dressed in its entirety” said Cllr.Leahy.

Cllr.Leahy said the approach road was surface dressed for the Ras which shows how insensitive the authorities can be to people living in small towns who were ignored for years.

At the May meeting of Tipperary County Council Cllr.Michael Fitzgerald said the condition of the road through Tipperary town was atrocious.

“It’s the worst Main Street in the country.it is in a shocking state.It is high time this was addressed.This road has to be done in months ,not years” insisted Cllr.Fitzgerald.”

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