Cahir Trad Fest opens Friday, September 15

Much anticipated festival

TRaditional Irish Musicians

Young musicians take part in Trad Fest every year

The much anticipated Cahir Trad Fest is taking place from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th of September. The Launch is in Cahir House on Friday the 15th at 7.30pm followed by some traditional music sessions.

There will be the usual workshops in local schools with top class tutors that will lend to the various levels of the students attending. On Saturday the 16th September there is a fantastic Concert at 8pm in Cahir House Hotel starring the amazing the Frankie Gavin and De Danann. This band plays a wonderful combination of trad, folk and a bit of rock and they will satisfy most music preferences. This show is not to be missed! Tickets are on sale now in Cahir House Reception by calling 052 744000 or Mary on 086 8262422.

Don’t forget there are also Street competitions where younger musicians of all ages give their input into the Trad Fest and there will also be a host of adult musicians descending on the town for the evening and night pub sessions taking place around Cahir all that weekend.

On Sunday the 17th September at 5pm the Tipperary Youth Ensemble tutored by Michael Perigoe will give a recital in Cahir House. Please spread the word and come out to support this wonderful weekend event and you'll be assured some amazing entertainment.