Duet for One makes its stage debut in Nenagh this February






Duet for One  makes its stage debut in Nenagh this February

Ciara O'Sullivan (Stephanie Abrahams) and Kevin Walshe (Dr Feldmann) in rehearsals for the Nenagh Players upcoming production Duet for One

The Nenagh Players Present Tom Kempinskis 'Duet for One' in the Nenagh Arts Centre from Wednesday 28 February to Friday 2 March at 8pm each night, prior to their festival run.

In this powerful and moving play Stephanie Abrahams (Ciara O'Sullivan), a brilliant concert violinist who has it all, is forced to re-evaluate her life when struck down by an unforeseen tragedy. Faced with a truth too difficult to comprehend she consults psychiatrist Dr Feldmann (Kevin Walshe) and through a series of highly charged encounters is led to examine her deepest emotions and finally to consider a future without music.

Through the course of their encounters in his consulting room, Dr Feldmann delicately probes away at Stephanie's brittle coating of resilience, to expose the truth about her background, her marriage and her self-esteem. The play is blessed with wit, insight and a refusal to wallow in misfortune. This is a beautiful piece of drama, directed by Donal Bray.

To book tickets for our upcoming production Duet for One go to nenagharts.comckets or call 067-34400