John McNamara stages debut solo exhibition in Tipperary

John McNamara

John McNamara with his sons Milo and Alby McNamara. John’s first solo art exhibition is now running at The Source in Thurles and continues until February 25

John McNamara, originally from Shamrock Hill, Clonmel, recently opened his first solo exhibition in The Source Gallery, Thurles, which runs until Tuesday February 25. 

44 year-old McNamara developed his love of art as a teenager under the guidance of Maureen Purcell and South Tipperary Art Group (STAG). This love of painting returned in the last few years through viewing his own children’s enthusiasm for art and also through the encouragement of Clonmel artist John Kennedy, who has been a constant guide through the artistic process. 

McNamara’s pieces work within the perceived construct of contemporary abstract expressionism without limitation with regards to palette, form or thematic context, which allows him freedom to express his thoughts, personal characteristics and vagaries through the various materials employed - wood, primed canvas and raw and primed calico. 

He utilises a selection of oil, watercolour and enamel paint (found materials) to build the main body of each painting, and the idea or thought pattern to be expressed. 

Where needed the paintings are then customised with pencil, ink or crayon markings, flailing but considered idiosyncratic scrawls and pathways that surround the main theme of the painting in a crowded conversation.

John is grateful to Gerry Flannery, James Kiely and all the staff of Thurles Library for the opportunity to hang his work and their full support for this exhibition.

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