Enjoy a classical music concert in your own Tipperary home

The Sofa Symphony is live and free online listening party

The Sofa Symphony

The Sofa Symphony enables music lovers to listen to great works of classical music

For music fans missing the experience of classical music at this time a new project, The Sofa Symphony Listening Party, aims to bring that experience into their homes and allow them to connect with other music fans throughout Tipperary. 

Using any internet-enabled device, fans of all ages can be part of a virtual online audience, learn a little bit about musicians and composers and chat and interact with other music lovers, just like they could have done in pre-Covid days.   

Delivered as part of the Healthy Ireland initiative and with assistance from Tipperary County Council, The Sofa Symphony - which encourages people to keep well through music, and is part of the Healthy Ireland #keepwell campaign supported by the county council- is a live, free online listening party, where music lovers can listen to great works of classical music.

In real time, they can also share their reactions and comments with other music lovers. It’s delivered through the use of free-to-access digital platforms such as Spotify and YouTube and takes place every Thursday evening during the month of March.  

Each concert is also enhanced by fun and informative video presentations and helpful listening guides.   

The concerts are curated by Tipperary-based music director/educator Eamon O’Malley, who will introduce each work and present a specially recorded video guide each week.  

While the music is playing, audience members can use an online comments board to remark, make observations and interact with others in an informal and fun online setting.   

According to Eamon, the inspiration for the Sofa Symphonies came from his youth.  

“Growing up in Clonmel, one of the first places I got to hear symphonic and classical music was the Music in the Library evenings, a kind of analogue listening party where they would play vinyl albums of this great music.

“The Sofa Symphony updates that concept to use more modern music services like Spotify, and shows how the internet can connect us virtually to create a sense of shared audience experience,” he says.   

The first Sofa Symphony will take place from 7.30pm-9pm this evening, Thursday, March 4 with a performance of JS Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos numbers 2 and 5.  

Over the next month audiences will hear music from Beethoven, Debussy and Copland. 

There is no charge for any aspect of this project and those interested in subscribing to this series can book through:  https://www.eventbrite.ie/e/the-sofa-symphony listening-party-tickets-139783400915 or by sending a message on social media.

Just search for Sofa Symphony.

Alternatively, you can email sofasymphonyparty@gmail.com 

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