Get Glam with Gret: Love is in the air

Gretta Peters


Gretta Peters


Get Glam with Gret: Love is in the air

It’s nearly the most romantic day of the year and the search for gifts for loved ones is on the cards, excuse the pun!

Whether you’re into the romance if it all or you just think it’s another Hallmark day, finding the perfect gift is often hard but here's some ideas that might make it a little easier and may not cost as much!

1. Write your own note - sending a personal note to your loved is a thoughtful gift and won’t cost a fortune! It’s straight from the heart and a gesture of this kind could mean a lot more! Try it!

2. Send some flowers - sending flowers on any day of the year is special but getting a bouquet delivered to your door on the most romantic day of the day could just be the right one!

3. A night off - every lady in your life deserves a night off so why not make it a Valentines romantic gesture by letting her put her feet up away from the kids! She’ll love it!

4. Candlelit meal at home - all of us love a great meal and it doesn’t have to be at a lavish hotel! Why not cook for your partner at home and if you’ve got kids and no babysitter get them involved too, they’ll love it! Your partner can relax while you do the lot!

5. A relaxing spa break - why not treat your loved one to a day away with some much needed R&R time!
Whatever you chose spoil your partner as often as you can and not just on Valentine’s Day!

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