Indulge with this frozen banoffee cheesecake





Indulge with this frozen banoffee cheesecake

Move over banana bread, there’s a new contender in town! Enjoy Avoca's Frozen Banoffee Cheesecake for the ultimate special treat this weekend.

Frozen Banoffee Cheesecake

50 grams dark chocolate 70%
300 grams oaty biscuits (digestives)
8 bananas, very ripe
500 grams cream cheese
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
225 grams dulce de leche or thick caramel sauce (reserve 50 grams for drizzling after frozen)


* Grease & line a 20cm cake tin. Tip crumb mix into cake pan & press firmly & evenly to create a biscuit base.

* Melt 50 grams of chocolate & mix with biscuits. Pulse in a food processor until well combined & crumbs are fine. Add 2 tablespoons olive oil and pulse again.

* Using a stand-up mixer, add the peeled bananas, cream cheese, vanilla &and dulce de leche.

* Blend with a paddle until completely combined and smooth.

* Pour the banana mix over the biscuit base & spread evenly. Put in the freezer and freeze overnight.

* Take the cake out of the freezer 1 hour before serving.

* Decorate with shaved chocolate & drizzle extra dulce de leche over the top.