Tipperary All Time Greats #14 The 2 Johnnies

Anne O'Grady


Anne O'Grady

The 2 Johnnies

Tipperary all time greats

The 2 Johnnies are Ireland's favourite comedy duo.

Known for their comedy sketches and songs about all things Irish, the Tipperary natives have built up a strong, loyal fanbase over the last few years.

To date they have amassed 160,000 Facebook followers, 60,000 Instagram followers, a further 25,000 on each of their personal Instagram pages as well as 80,000 Snapchat followers.

Their YouTube channel has had over 8 million views.

The 2 Johnnies Podcast has seen every one of its 38 episodes, including the live podcasts recorded at Dublin's The Sugar Club, go to No.1 in the Irish charts.

The Johnnies live comedy show has toured across Ireland as well as north America, the UK and the UAE.