Thrilling reads and podcasts await at Tipperary Library eServices






Thrilling reads and podcasts await at Tipperary Library eServices

Stay inspired and connected throughout the battle against Covid-19 with Tipperary County Council Library Service.

BorrowBox eBook Recommendation: Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland

You'll never forget the day you meet Robin Wilde! Robin Wilde is an awesome single mum. She's great at her job. Her best friend Lacey and bonkers Auntie Kath love her and little Lyla Blue to the moon and back. From the outside, everything looks just fine.

But behind the mask she carefully applies every day, things sometimes feel . . . grey. And lonely. After 4 years (and 2 months and 24 days!) of single-mum-dom, it's time for Robin Wilde to Change. Her. Life! A little courage, creativity and help from the wonderful women around her go a long way. And Robin is about to embark on quite an adventure . . .

eAudioBook Recommendation: The Woman of the House, by Alice Taylor and read by Aoife McMahon

The Phelans have owned Mossgrove for generations. The small, rural Irish farm has been the pride of them all until Ned's wife, Martha, arrives and begins to undermine generations of hard work and happiness. She resents the deep history of the place and sets about making it her own, shutting out what is left of Ned's family.

She is particularly jealous of Ned's sister, Kate, a local nurse and doting aunt to Martha's children. When Ned dies suddenly, Martha puts Mossgrove up for sale in hopes that it will be bought by the neighbouring Conways, who have long coveted the Phelan farm. What she does not realise are the lengths to which Kate and the hired hand Jack will go to keep the land in the family...

Kids’ eBook Recommendation: Beatrix the Bold and the Balloon of Doom by Simon Mockler

Beatrix the Bold is a queen. A very bold queen. And she's also only ten years old. But that's never stopped her from doing anything before, and it's not going to stop her now. She's on the run from the Evil Army AND her evil aunt Esmerelda, but she's getting closer to finding her long-lost parents, whom she hasn't seen since she was a baby. She just has to cross the Sea of Sinking Ships and the Volcanos of Doom to get to them - easy, right? But when you're Beatrix the Bold and you've got Oi the boy, Dog the dog and Wilfred the Wise by your side, you can do anything . . .

Kids’ eAudioBook Recommendation Funky Turkeys, written and read by Benjamin Zephaniah

Funky Turkeys is the first audio edition of Benjamin Zephaniah's poetry collection for children - playful, clever and provocative - this is performance poetry on the page at its very best. An unconventional collection of straight-talking poems about heroes, revolutions, racism, love and animal rights, among other subjects, that will entice many new readers to poetry.

And, because BorrowBox is full to the brim of top class non-fiction titles too, why don’t you have a look at…

The Book of Pride: LGBTQ Heroes Who Changed the World by Mason Funk

These individuals fought battles both personal and political, often without the support of family or friends, frequently under the threat of violence and persecution. By shining a light on these remarkable stories of bravery and determination, THE BOOK OF PRIDE not only honors an important chapter in American history, but also empowers young people today (both LGBTQ and straight) to discover their own courage in order to create positive change. Furthermore, it serves a critically important role in ensuring the history of the LGBTQ movement can never be erased, inspiring us to resist all forms of oppression with ferocity, community, and, most importantly, pride.


We've all been spending more time wrestling with our gadgets lately, so why not learn more about them with Stuff Magazine:
Stuff inspires and nurtures a passion for gadgets. They make them look amazing and explain in a fast, confident and unfalteringly entertaining way how they will enhance their readers’ lives. Stuff is a celebration of the new, the innovative, the shiny and the cool. It’s gadget joy.


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Universal Class

If you’ve time on your hands and want to put it to the best use possible, why not start a top class online course? Log on to universalclass.com to see what’s on offer. Here’s a taste of what you can expect: Astronomy 101. It is quite illuminating to discover the expansiveness that can be found by studying the night skies and not only learning about the array of celestial objects that exist but also understanding the reasons behind certain formations and intergalactic activities.
In this course we're going to explore our night sky, constellations, our solar system, our galaxy, and what lies beyond the far reaches of space. In addition, we'll learn about past and current projects for space exploration, as well as future ideas for space travel.

Our journey will also take us to black holes, quasars, supernovaes, brown dwarfs, and the string theory. And lastly, we'll explore in depth on how we make observations from earth, and touch on the mechanics of optical telescopes that aid us in exploring the night sky.

Tipperary Studies

The staff at Tipperary Studies are continuing their work in podcasting Denis G. Marnane's "First Hundred" and "Second Hindred" books. They are 5 minute shots of history, featuring fascinating stories from Tipperary's past, that take the listener from the days of of St. Patrick right up to the World War II, and beyond. With Des's witty writing and delivery you are guaranteed to be both informed and entertained. Check them out now at soundcloud.com/ tipperary-libraries.

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