Archbishop Kieran O'Reilly is guest speaker at Presentation Ballingarry Awards





Archbishop Kieran O'Reilly is guest speaker at Presentation Ballingarry Awards

On Friday 19th May staff, students and guests gathered in Presentation Secondary School, Ballingarry for the annual Prize Day Award Ceremony. 


Principal, Mrs. Angela Cahill welcomed guest speaker, Archbishop Kieran O’Reilly, Mr. Ian Callanan co-ordinator of “Seinn,” former staff members, including former Principal Sr. Regis, prize winners, their families, distinguished guests, students and staff. 


In her opening address Ms. Cahill spoke of the responsibility of all our students to reach their full potential no matter what challenges face them and to use their many talents to make a difference. She went on to stress how success  does not come by accident but is instead the product of a great deal of hard work, nurture, care and the dedication offered by the many partners of the school community. Firstly, she acknowledged The Board of Management for their unstinting commitment. Next, Ms. Cahill commended the Parent’s council for their continued hard work. Thirdly, she thanked the students for the positive contribution they make to the school and expressed her pride in their capacity to be such hardworking, decent compassionate individuals. Finally Ms. Cahill acknowledged the “tireless commitment” of the teaching and support staff whose genuine concern for the students was she said, “second to none.” Ms. Cahill concluded her speech by introducing guest speaker, Archbishop Kieran O’Reilly. 


Archbishop Kieran thanked Ms. Cahill for her invitation to Prize Day at Presentation Ballingarry and in his address the Archbishop commented how awards are a sign of the life and vitality of a school and he congratulated all the prize-winners. He highlighted how life is a gift and urged students to have a vision, a dream of what they can be in the future, a vision of how they would like the world to be and a vision of how they can make their world special. Archbishop Kieran O’Reilly continued, “we are no different to the prophets before us, we share the same dream of a better world” he said. He then told the students that they can contribute to a world of peace, to a world where people live in harmony with one another and in the words of the Prophet Isaiah, he encouraged students to “give bread to the hungry” and help in the creation of a culture where people care for one another. He advised students to have their own personal dream, their own vision and to have a destination and concluded that even if setbacks come they should “begin again” and continue to strive to be the best they can be.



Following on from this inspirational address the class awards which were presented by Deputy Principal Mr. Gerry Dowling



These awards were presented to students who worked hard to reach their full potential and contributed positively to leadership in their class. 1st year Amy O’Connell & Louise Cawley: 2nd yr. Ciaran Maher: 3rd Year Sarah Cranitch & Anna Ryan: 5th year Kate Walsh & Ned Grogan; LCA: Laura Phelan.  6th year: Eimear Kenny & Eimear Ryan



Prefect Certificates were presented by Mr. Dowling to 1st years: !st Yr. Ali O’Connell & Anthony Grace:  Eoin O'Dwyer & Rachel Butler. 2nd yr. Claire Fialova & Jack Hendley: 3rd Yr. Samuel Jorge, Killian Hayden, Dara Ryan & Anna Ryan. TY Conor Duggan & Sadbh Morrisey: 5th yr Emily Ruttle & Aidan Mullally: 6th yr: Patrick Ivors, Niamh Ryan: LCA Robbie Guilfoyle.



Eimear Ryan and Jamie Broderick were presented with a plaque by Archbishop O’Reilly in appreciation of their hard work in their position as Head Boy and Head Girl. Mrs. Cahill thanked them for their leadership and for being exemplary ambassadors for the school.



Anthony Grace, Eoin O’Dwyer, Claire Fialova, Samuel Jorge, Anna Ryan, Sadbh Morrisey, Emily Ruttle, Patrick Ivors, Niamh Ryan. Student President Award: Padraig Maher & Eimear Horan.



Jack Kealy, Aidan Mullally, Patrick Walton, Caoimhe Ryan, Maria McGrath, Emily Ruttle, Abi Maher, Katie Cleere, Katie Ryan, Olga O’Meara, Chloe Boland, Kate Walsh, Clodagh Vaughan, Annie Coady, Eimear Guiry, Ned Grogan, Liam O'Halloran.



Aidan Fitzgerarld and Jamie Brett



1st Year students with their teacher Mrs. Regan produced “Eirnie’s Incredible Illucinations” to much acclaim at the Holycross Drama Festival. Certificates of participation were presented to Sean Ryan, Thomas Walton, Emma Murray, Ali O’Connell, Ciara Mullally, Amy O’Connell, Michael Ryan, Ben Owens, Shane Burns, Vincent Darcy, John Phelan, Sam Cleere, Anthony Grace, Megan McInerney, Grace Browne, Kealy Maher, Michaela Scott & Sophia Winters. Emma Murray was presented with best actress award of the festival while Michael Ryan received his award for best actor.


An Post Handwriting Competition

Ali O’Connell received 1st prize for her entry and certificates of participation were presented to Sean Ryan, Thomas Walton, Emma Murray, Ciara Mullally, Amy O’Connell, Michael Ryan, Ben Owens, Shane Burns, Vincent Darcy, John Phelan, Sam Cleere, Anthony Grace, Megan McInerney, Grace Browne, Kealy Maher, Michaela Scott & Sophia Winters



Head of the PE Department Mr. Brian Moran introduced the sports awards and praised all the sports people within the school and thanked them for their participation and congratulated them on their success. Ms Bourke spoke with pride of the girl’s impressive wins on the football field this year. 

Guest Speaker Archbishop O’ Reilly presented the following awards.

Senior Hurler of the Year: Keith Cleere. Junior hurler of the year: Daire O’ Brien. 1st year Hurler of the year: Eoin O’ Dwyer. Camogie player of the year: Ciara Fitzgerald.1st year Basketball player of the year: Ali O’Connell.

Junior Basketball player of the year:   Kate Whelan. Basketball player of the year: Eimear Horan. Ladies Footballer of the year: Emma Coady. Junior Ladies footballer of the year: Eabha Hogan.

Athlete of the year: Chloe Boland. Football player of the year: Conor Duggan. The Senior Sportsperson of the year award was this year presented to Dylan Walsh who in the words of Mr. Brian Moran “possesses all the qualities and attributes of a top sportsperson.



In recognition for their participation in the Seinn celebration and for their commitment to weekly lunchtime rehearsals with MS. Regan, certificates were presented by Archbishop O’Reilly to Emily Ruttle, Kayleigh Murphy, Olga O’Meara, Abi Maher, Jack Kealy, Aidan Mulally, Patrick Walton, Ned Grogan, Ciarrai Lawlor, Jane Thompson, Aisling Boland, Laura Hayes, Maria Hogan, Amy Dwyer, Katie Coady, Kayleigh O’Dwyer, Claire Egan, Lauren O’Donovan, Maria McGrath and Caoimhe Ryan.

Mr. Dowling presented Mr Ian Callanan, director of the Seinn celebration and a contemporary Christian songwriter in appreciation of his accompaniment of the students.



This award is given to the student or students who received the highest results in State Exams in Irish. 

The best Leaving Certificate Irish Award went to Laura Lanigan and Aoibhe O’Shea while the award for best Junior Cert Irish Award went to Claire Egan and Sadbh Morrissey.



Emma Ryan received this award in recognition for her positive attitude and strong commitment to achieving goals thus inspiring others. 

LEADERSHIP AWARD (in memory of Late Henry Britton)

Awarded to Niall Mockler for his unwavering optimism, his organizational skills, his ability to be all inclusive and his determination to achieve.



In the words of Principal Mrs. Cahill, “This award is given to the student who reflects the ethos, sense of justice, humility and empathy for others which are trademarks of our Venerable Foundress Nano Nagle” This year’s very popular recipient Coleen Windsor was praised for her friendliness, her warmth and positivity 



For the third year, in commemoration of great local entrepreneur and successful business man the late Eamon Ryan, the Business Award was presented to Jamie Broderick who has exhibited a flair for Business receiving grades which reflected his efforts. Eamonn’s wife Mary who taught Business in the school up to her retirement presented this award. 



Presented to Padraig Maher for his participation in all aspects of school community and in recognition of his determination, dependability and sense of justice.



This year’s recipient is Aoibhe O'Shea who unfortunately due to other commitments could not attend the awards. Aoibhe is currently studying Pharmacy in UCC  and Ms. Cahill complimented her on he hard work and determination and hailed her an outstanding student.



The award for best Junior Certificate 2016 went to Claire Egan who is currently enjoying TY.



This award was presented for the first time, by The Slieveardagh Writer’s Group to Maura Tobin, 2nd year, following an in-house creative writing competition. Maura’s poem, The Daffodil received much acclaim.



This award was presented to 6th year student Eimear Horan who was recognised for her potential for greatness, her consistency in her studies and as a student who participated in every aspect of school life.

In conclusion Mrs. Cahill expressed her gratitude to the teaching staff for their assistance in selecting prize winners, the office staff for the paper work, Mr. Dowling for his support and hard work in preparing for Prize Day. In particular Mrs. Cahill thanked Guest Speak Archbishop Kieran O’Reilly and Mr. Ian Callanan. She then called on Mr. Dowling to make a presentation to both guests on behalf of the school community.

Report by Teresa Regan