Tipperary people get work done quickly - says new survey!

Tipperary people get work done quickly - says new survey!

Tipperary conference calls are the most concise

Tipperary people are the most concise when it comes to conference calls a new survey has revealed!

Research based on 133,345 conference calls held in Ireland in 2017 has some interesting data for Tipperary!

The new research is by Irish-based company 247meeting and based on 133,345 conference calls held in Ireland in 2017.

Professionals from Tipperary seem to get their business done more quickly with any average of only 33 minutes spent on meetings. Very efficient!

However, Tipperary also topped the pole for tardiness with an average of 8 minutes delay on conference calls. 

Galway professionals are the most punctual to meetings with an average delay of only 4 minutes.  The most talkative, or collaborative professionals, are in County Laois with an average of 48 minutes spent in meetings.  Wexford people are the most "democratic", inviting on average 10 people in meetings, while Dublin, Portlaoise and Cork all try to have smaller audiences with usually 6 people joining.

Connaught professionals are overall more verbal than the other provinces with an average of 41 minutes spent on conference calls versus 37 minutes for Munster and Leinster. They also usually invite more people to their meetings than their neighbours; an average of 8 people attend in Connacht versus an average of 6 people in Cork and Munster.  The national average is 5 minutes delay for a 37-minute conference call with 6 participants. 


The report and abundance of research also concluded that:

• The most productive meetings happen late in the morning.

• Tuesday is the best day to hold a meeting for maximum impact, and if the purpose is to make decisions, the fewer people on the line the better.

• In line with the human attention span, it is advisable not to schedule hour-long meetings. The best meetings are kept to around 35 minutes and an absolute maximum of 45 minutes.


One thing that seems very apparent from this research is that meetings by conference call seem to wrap up quicker at 37 minutes than face-to-face meetings which are normally scheduled in for an hour.  This doesn’t take into account the time it takes to get to and from the meeting.  Now with an ever-increasing number of people working remotely, the conference call is becoming more popular than ever.  But factor in the cosmic rise and dependence on smart phones and a whole new solution to meetings is born. Irish conferencing services company, 247meeting has now launched a pioneering new mobile app, allowing worldwide users to hold confidential remote meetings on the go – anywhere, anytime, with less than two minutes set up. The 247meeting mobile app is available in Apple and Android versions and can be downloaded free of charge from the iStore or Google Play.  To watch a demo, go tohttps://247meeting.com/mobile/   or to view the full white paper on the research, clickhttps://247meeting.com/time-is-money