Autism Awareness Roscrea plans Family Fun Day in Glebe Park on August 19th

Tipperary Star reporter


Tipperary Star reporter


Autism Awareness Roscrea plans Family Fun Day in Glebe Park on August 19th

Autism Awareness Roscrea is a newly founded group of parents, professionals and other interested people who want raise awareness of Autism in the community.

We want people to be more aware of autism, and how it affects people.

We want people to know that the child in the local shop is not having a meltdown because he/she is not getting his own way, but that his /her meltdown is because of a smell or sound that they find upsetting.

We hope that over time, Roscrea can become a more autism aware and autism-friendly town and that with training and information, we can all become more autism aware, and therefore make everyday actions easier for those in the community who deal with Autism every day.

Making your business/group more autism-friendly may be easier and cheaper than you think, so please watch this space, follow us on facebook or email us on for further information. We have a number of events planned and hope going forward to consult with parents and other interested parties to see what supports are needed within the community.

Our first event is a Family Fun Day in the Glebe Park(town playground) on Sunday 19th August.

There will be bouncy castles, LEGO building, storytelling and lots of other fun activities, including a "Keepie Uppie Challenge" in association with the Autism Charity

We would like to thank St Cronan's Services for the assistance they have given us with this event, and we look forward to making Roscrea a very inclusive community for all. This activity is an all-inclusive day,but please remember that children MUST be supervised at ALL TIMES. There will be volunteers on the day to assist any families as required.