Potato peeler is really getting under the skin of people down Mullinahone way

Potato Peels

Chip in with information if you know who the phantom potato peeler is!

It seems there is someone down Mullinahone way really getting under the skin of the locals with how they are disposing of their potato peels…..                                                                                                      

The following item was printed in last weekend’s Mullinahone Parish Newsletter.

To the person or persons constantly dumping potato peelings in plastic bags between Mullinahone Co-Op and Pollards Cross on the main road.

Firstly, potato skins are biodegradable and if they are dumped minus the plastic bags (not on a roadside please) crows and other creatures of nature will soon get rid of them.

 It is estimated that it will take at least 100 years for most types of plastic to biodegrade (if ever).  So, the message is clear, please stop this disgusting practice and show good example to the next generation. 

Apart from this, a car registration number has been given to the appropriate authorities and is being investigated. 

During last week a similar incident of dumping took place on the Ballydonnell Road.  Hopefully, the practice will not increase.

If you have any idea who it might be don’t be afraid to chip in…...