Katmandu in Tipperary - the forgotten hideout of the Troubles

Kickham Weekend

Sian Moloughney


Sian Moloughney


Katmandu was located in Mullinahone!

The recent Kickham Weekend in Mullinahone has received favourable mention around the county.

One of the best supported events was the lecture on the famous Troubled Times hideout Katmandu.

Many local people were amazed to hear of such a historic place in our own area. Is it the only historic place in the Mullinahone area which has been forgotten about? Maybe there are other places and events in our parish which could be the basis of history lectures during future Kickham weekends.

Would it be possible to rebuild a local full size model of Katmandu instead of having a small model of the historic hideout only on show in a museum in Tipperary town? This idea, of course is only possible because of the model in the Museum produced by the late Bill Treacy RIP. Is there a local group who would be interested in such a project of restoration?

The story of Katmandu was well told by Joe O’Gorman and well received. It should not be forgotten about again.