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Walkers on Combaun

Walkers on Combaun

With the Dublin city marathon over, most of us are in recovery mode and with just a few cross country races looming, now is the time to take a break and recover.

Most runners don’t realise that you need down time for the body to recover, a week or 10 days off every so often down time, if you like.

With the Dublin city Marathon the largest it has ever been, and 20,000 runners registered and the event sold out for months in advance. Running it would seem is on the up and up, the New York Marathon this weekend was also booked out months in advance and this is one that you have to qualify to get into.

Loads of Irish people run it every year and local woman Ellen Lewis Hanley (Grange Fermoy AC) ran it this year just a week after running Dublin, Ellen flew to New York and ran a fabulous time of 3hrs and 20 minutes and also raised €5,000 for Crumlin children’s hospital.

There have been reports of people out walking on the Ballyhoura Bike trails which are specifically designated for cycling only. If you have been doing this, it is very dangerous as cyclists fly down these trails and don’t expect to see walkers, so please don’t walk on them.

Also there have been complaints by walkers that cyclists have been racing down walking paths and cycling down through trees where no paths exists.

The trails are there for everyone so please consider others when you are out for the day.

This is a great facility that Coillte allow us all to use so please respect it and if you are out walking running or cycling or just taking the dog for a walk be aware of others and keep the dog on a leash.

Also be aware there is a huge stag in the Ballyhouras at the moment, that has escaped from some other plantation. Stags can be very territorial in the rutting season and these are wild animals so please do not approach them.