County Tipperary Intermediate Football Championship

Huge scoreline proves too much for electronic scoreboard - was it a record?

Swans way out of their depth here

Jeddy Walsh


Jeddy Walsh


Huge scoreline proves too much for electronic scoreboard - was it a record?



It wasn’t cricket even if the scoreline might suggest it was. And it wasn’t hurling either where generally the scorelines tend to be higher than in football. No, this was football even if not a game of football as we expect. It was County Tipperary Intermediate Football Championship fare, and, pardon the pun, ‘The Swans’ were way out of their depth here and got 'hockeyed' by Rockwell Rovers at Clonmel Sportsfield on Saturday night.

And with it came a very unusual happening. The scoreline proved just too much for the gleaming new electronic scoreboard at the town end of the Western Road venue.

Everything was all going according to plan all through, the scoreboard operator kept very busy as the New Inn boys went about their business against a very very depleted Carrick Swans intermediate team.

At half-time the scoreboard read 3-12 to 0-0 and the game had been well done and dusted after only a few minutes.

But on they went again at the start of the second half, Goal 4, Goal 5, Goal 6, Goal 7, Goal 8, Goal 9 and all the points alongside as the contest descended into an utter farce with the scoreboard operator afraid to blink in case he missed another score.

But when the 10th goal went in a couple of minutes from full-time it came crashing down – the score, not the scoreboard, thankfully. When the operator, now with a pain in his thumb (not to mention the almost exhausted umpires at one end), went to input the 10th green flag, disaster struck. The dreaded Y2K bug from the Year of the Millennium 2000 returned to hit the scoreboard – it just didn’t know how to cope and back to ground zero it went in a flash: Rockwell Rovers 0-0 Carrick Swans 0-0. “If only,” the Swans must have thought!

Those coming into the game late, to watch the senior game between Killenaule and Cahir, must have wondered whether they were coming or going. And the Carrick Swans side must have wondered the same thing too.

When referee Brian Tyrrell, on his second pencil, blew for full time, everyone had had enough of it, including the scoreboard.

Seriously though, there was something very wrong with this non-event on Saturday evening which was good for neither club involved or indeed the South Board, or indeed football in Tipperary. Please note.