The Tipperary's release new single Six Nation Ceile Band





Johnny Sexton

Johnny Sexton

The Tipperary's are set to release their latest sporting anthem - an ode to the Irish Rugby team.

Since their first hit in November 2017 with the soccer world cup play off song Let's Baaaayte the Danes, the group are back together for the Six Nations rugby championship and will release their new single the Six Nations Ceile Band on January 31.

Ger Corrigan of the Corrigan Brothers fame said: "Every few years we get together to record a song and this year Sean Mockler suggested we do a song for the Six Nations, it's a great idea.”

Templederry's Tommy Foley features on Bodhran, Willy Dunne from Gortnahoe features on banjo, Brendan Ryan from Gortnahoo on accordion, Liam Troy from Two Mile Borris on the spoons and James Doran's whistle compliments Sean Mocklers voice and guitar. Ger Corrigan from Puckane makes up the line up on guitar.

The song will be released later this month and the boys are currently in the process of completing a video under the direction of Willie Dunne, the bands banjo player.

Sean Mockler singer and guitarist is confident of a hit with the song saying: " I think this will be a hit with rugby fans, it's got a great melody and it's easy to sing along to".

"We hope to be singing it in Dublin when the Six Nations championship is delivered by this great Irish team" added Tommy Foley.